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PLENARY: The Plenary will reconvene in an informal session at 11:00 am, to allow time for the G-77 and OECD to meet earlier in the morning. The Committee will continue its paragraph-by-paragraph review of bracketed text that is not related to finance, institutions, principles or categories of countries. Discussion should begin with Article 18. When the first reading is completed, the Committee will either do a quick second reading of these paragraphs, or move on to the bracketed sections on categories of countries. New proposals for categories of countries are contained in document A/AC.241/L.18.

INFORMAL NEGOTIATING GROUP: When the Group convenes at 11:00 am, Bo Kjell‚n is expected to provide direction on its programme of work. If indeed a separate group is established for the African Annex, Kjell‚n will have to appoint a coordinator for this new group.