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INFORMAL PLENARY: The Plenary will reconvene in an informal session at 10:30 am in Conference Room XII. Delegates will first discuss the bracketed text in Article 39 and then review the remaining bracketed text in the Convention that does not relate to finance, principles, institutions or categories of countries. At 3:00 pm, the Plenary will discuss financial resources and mechanisms (A/AC.241/L.19), under the chairmanship of Pierre-Marc Johnson and Bolong Sonko. At 6:00 pm, Kjell‚n will take the chair and the Plenary will review its progress to date and determine the programme of work for the rest of the week. Afterwards, the Plenary is expected to discuss the proposals on categories of countries (A/AC.241/L.18).

INFORMAL NEGOTIATING GROUP ON THE LATIN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN ANNEX: The Group will convene at 10:30 am to continue negotiations on Article 3.

INFORMAL NEGOTIATING GROUP ON THE AFRICAN ANNEX: The Negotiating Group for the African Annex will convene at 3:00 pm to continue negotiations.

IN THE CORRIDORS: Despite the G-77's concern about proliferation of meetings, there will be numerous informal consultations today. Consultations on the scientific advisory panel/council (Article 24), coordinated by Egypt, will meet at 8:00 am and, possibly, 1:00 pm. Consultations on legal matters (Articles 30, 31 and 35) will be coordinated by the UK at 6:00 pm, in parallel to Plenary. The contact group on Article 5 of the African Annex will meet at 2:00 pm.

Look for a paper to be circulated today with the Chair's proposal for a draft resolution on interim measures.

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