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Although delegates from the informal working group on finance left the session frustrated, some, including OECD countries, the Secretariat and the Co-Chairs, were surprised that Article 6 proved to be such a major problem. Members of the G-77 insist that Algeria had raised the issue of discussing Article 6 alongside the articles on finance within the extended Bureau a number of weeks ago and was ignored by both developed and developing country Bureau members. At that meeting, the Bureau decided that Article 6 would be considered with the paragraphs on categories of countries. Some wondered why this issue was not raised at Tuesday's informal lunch meeting on finance, since this would have prepared the Co-Chairs for the maelstrom to come and, possibly, enable them to avoid a long procedural debate. Nevertheless, this issue was raised at the G-77 meeting Wednesday morning, where members of the G-77 and China gave their full support to Algeria, who promised to raise the issue in the afternoon...which he most definitely did.