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PLENARY: The Plenary will meet briefly at 10:00 to hear a statement from Elizabeth Dowdeswell, the Executive Director of UNEP. The Chair is expected to make an announcement about the work programme for this evening.

INFORMAL WORKING GROUP ON FINANCE: The Group will reconvene this morning after Plenary in Room IV to continue the paragraph-by-paragraph reading of the financial provisions of the Convention, as contained in document A/AC.241/L.19.

INFORMAL WORKING GROUP ON THE AFRICAN REGIONAL IMPLEMENTATION ANNEX: The Group will reconvene this morning immediately following the Plenary. The Group will hear reports from the various contact groups and will complete its negotiation of the African annex.

INFORMAL WORKING GROUP ON THE OTHER REGIONAL IMPLEMENTATION ANNEXES: The Group will start consideration of either the Regional Annex for Asia or the Mediterranean region when it meets at 3:00 pm.

IN THE CORRIDORS: Takao Shibata (Japan) has been charged with the responsibility of holding informal consultations on the arrangements for early implementation of the Regional Annex for Africa. It is likely that he may convene the first informal meeting on this issue at lunchtime today. Look for the first draft of his proposal to be circulated.

PRESS BRIEFING: Elizabeth Dowdeswell will meet with journalists at 12:00 pm in the press working room, next to the press accreditation office.

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