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The Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) hosted an International Meeting on Desertification in the Maghreb from 5-6 October 1994, in Rabat, Morocco. One of the purposes of this meeting was to review the case study on desertification in the Maghreb and reach agreement on a regional programme to control desertification in the area for a ten-year period. Components of this regional programme include: the creation of a Maghrebian center for strategic studies, research and training for the development of arid zones; a support project for insuring coordination, programming and follow-up of desertification control activities; development of a regional network for continued monitoring of ecosystems; the development of a Maghrebian database on desertification; the development of a comprehensive scheme to control drought effects; a regional project for promoting the use of a participatory approach; a pilot programme to control desertification in arid ecosystems; and an integrated across-the-border development programme.