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PLENARY: At its meeting this morning, the Plenary is expected to continue its consideration of Agenda Items 2 and 3, preparation for the Conference of the Parties and the work programme for the interim period. UNDP Administrator Gus Speth is also expected to address the Committee. In the afternoon, the Plenary is scheduled to discuss the implementation of the resolution on urgent action for Africa and interim action in other regions. At some point, the Committee will address the accreditation of an additional 18 NGOs to the INCD.

NGO BRIEFING: There will be a briefing for delegates on the global NGO network on desertification (RIOD) and the NGO plan of action at 1:15 pm in Conference Room D.

MEETING OF HEADS OF REGIONAL AND INTEREST GROUPS:<D> The Chair will convene a meeting of the heads of regional and interest groups at 6:00 pm. The room will be announced.