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Bo Kjell‚n then re-opened discussion on the contents of the INCD"s report to the third session of the (CSD). The report will cover how desertification relates to land degradation, Agenda 21 Chapters 10 to 15, as well as other elements of Agenda 21 in which such links can be made.

AUSTRALIA reported that it was halfway through the review of a project known as "Earth Care" that deals with land management issues, in which various interest groups in the country have been involved. He suggested that the study should be cited as one of the case studies to the CSD and a copy of it included as part of an information package. Kjell‚n responded that although he is uncertain about how the CSD meeting will be run, he may be able to fulfill this request within the working group on land management.

PERU sought clarification on whether the INCD document differs from that of UNEP and raised objection to UNEP"s proposal that global awareness should be raised in tropical forest areas alone. Kjell‚n explained that UNEP, as task manager on desertification for the CSD, had prepared the document and it is not for the INCD to review. However, UNEP had invited comments from the INCD. He concurred with Peru regarding awareness raising, since Chapter 12 of Agenda 21 also mentions dryland forestry. He concluded that the inputs by UNEP and the INCD to the third session of the CSD will supplement each other.

UNEP noted that all written and verbal comments provided by delegates last week have been included in its report to the CSD. For example, "drought" and the reference to global forests have been changed. The report has now been submitted to the CSD to be printed.

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