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The Chair convened another meeting of the heads of regional and interest groups on Monday afternoon. The agenda for this meeting included: the programme of work for the interim period; the schedule of meetings for 1996-1997; the schedule for the remaining two days of INCD-6; and "other business". At the beginning of the meeting, the Chair circulated a draft decision on the organization and programme of work for the interim period, which establishes two working groups and sets forth their mandates and the composition of the bureaus (one Chair and two Vice Chairs). The decision also requests the Secretariat to prepare specific documentation for INCD-7 and INCD-8. Outstanding issues at the start of this meeting included: where future meetings of the INCD will be held; who will make up the bureaus of the two working groups; should Working Group I address all of the issues related to finance or should the discussion on the financial rules for the Convention be handled by one working group and the Global Mechanism by another; and what reports should be prepared by the Secretariat. The meeting was expected to last at least until 7:00 pm.