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On Wednesday afternoon, 18 January 1995, the Plenary met briefly at 4:00 pm to adopt the resolution on the work programme for the interim period (A/AC.241/L.24) and elect the Chairs of the two Working Groups. The Chair proposed that according to paragraph 3(a) of the decision, it would be desirable to underline the importance of Africa and have Africans on the bureaus of both Working Groups. Thus, Working Group I will have three Vice Chairs and Working Group II will have two Vice Chairs. The Committee accepted this proposal and then elected Mourad Ahmia (Algeria) as the Chair of Working Group I and Takao Shibata (Japan) as the Chair of Working Group II.

Delegates then adopted the provisional agenda for INCD-7, which includes: adoption of the agenda and organization of work; preparation for the Conference of the Parties; urgent action for Africa and interim action taken in other regions; status of signature and ratification of the Convention; review of the situation as regards extrabudgetary funds; adoption of the provisional agenda for the eighth session; and adoption of the report of the Committee on its seventh session. The Plenary then adjourned so that the Working Groups could hold brief organizational sessions.