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Mourad Ahmia called to order the first meeting of Working Group I and thanked all the members for the confidence vested in him and his country, Algeria. The Working Group then proceeded to elect two of its Vice Chairs: Erwin Ortiz (Bolivia) and Mohammad R.H.K. Jabbary (Iran). In the absence of a nomination from the Western Europe and Others Group, the election of the third Vice Chair was postponed until INCD-7.

The Chair then read out the list of issues to be considered by Working Group I, which include: initiating measures relating to the identification of an organization to house the Global Mechanism; making recommendations for the designation by the Conference of the Parties of a Permanent Secretariat and arrangements for its functioning; and financial rules, programme and budget. After the Philippines, on behalf of the G-77 and China, congratulated the Bureau on its election, the meeting was adjourned.