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At its second session, the CSD agreed to continue the work of the ad hoc open-ended intersessional working group on finance and established a new working group to address the sectoral issues that will be examined by the CSD in 1995 (land management, forests, desertification and biodiversity). The Ad Hoc Working Group on the Sectoral Themes will meet from 27 February - 3 March 1995. The Ad Hoc Working Group on Finance will meet from 6-10 March 1995. Both meetings will be in New York.

The third session of the CSD will meet from 11-28 April 1995, at UN Headquarters in New York. Focus will be on the following cross-sectoral chapters of Agenda 21: poverty; demographics; integrating environment and development in decision-making; biotechnology; major groups; and information. Financial resources and mechanisms and the chapters on transfer of environmentally sound technology, cooperation and capacity building, science and education will also be discussed. The sectoral cluster for this session includes the chapters on land management, forests, desertification and drought, mountains, sustainable agriculture, biological diversity and the Forest Principles.