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Various organizations and groups have activities planned for the intersessional period. The CILSS will hold information meetings at the national level about the Convention in each of its member countries. There will also be a regional meeting with all West African member countries in May 1995. At the end of January or beginning of February 1995, there will be a meeting between the CILSS and the OECD on their joint programme of work. The OECD is also arranging meetings in cooperation with Club du Sahel with the national leadership of select countries. Club du Sahel"s 1995 annual meeting will focus on the Convention.

The Arab-Mahgreb Union will hold a three-day consultative conference for its member States on the Convention and national action programmes at the end of April 1995, and will invite representatives from governments, NGOs, media, regional organizations and international institutions.

The African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) will host a subregional meeting for East and Southern Africa to discuss all subregional, regional, international and other Conventions of relevance to Africa. The meeting will assess the political, legal and financial implications and benefits for African countries. The provisional dates are 8-10 March 1995, in Nairobi.

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) will host two meetings in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where the CCD is expected to be discussed. The Council of African Foreign Ministers will meet from 23-25 January 1995 and the African Heads of State are expected to meet in June or July.

IGADD will host the Second Subregional High-Level Policy and Decision-Makers Workshop, which will address the state of ratification of the CCD. The workshop is expected to take place in April 1995. IGADD will also organize a subregional workshop in collaboration with NGO country representatives. The workshop, which will take place in June or July, will address several issues including awareness raising and information dissemination.

The Asian Group is applying for funds from ESCAP to hold a meeting on the exchange of information and technical and scientific cooperation, during which centers of excellence in Asia will be established. [Return to start of article]