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Amb. Diallo said the Secretariat is waiting for communication from countries that have not been able to sign the Convention — three from Africa, three from the OECD group or from other regions of the world, which are in the process of signing the instruments. In addition to the five countries that have already deposited their ratification instruments, the Secretariat has information that Tunisia has completed the national procedures, and that documents are on their way.

The Chair invited brief reports on the national ratification processes and their status. France said its ratification procedure has begun and should be completed by the first half of 1996. Colombia said the ratification process should be speeded up. Iran said its process is underway, and ratification is expected in the coming months. Peru expects to ratify by the end of the year. Germany said its ratification should be finalized by early 1996. Portugal said its objective is to ratify the CCD by year-end.

Morocco's process has started, and it will ratify the Convention at the proper time. Canada said he anticipates ratification by the first half of 1996. Mauritania expects to ratify the CCD in November 1995, India by the beginning of 1996, whereas Mali adopted the convention text in November 1994 and expects the ratification to come through any time. Lebanon expects to ratify in October this year. In Kazakhstan and Jordan the ratification processes have started.