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Early discussions of the demand-driven approach to combating desertification appear to reveal some discrepancy between the rhetoric and reality of the bottom-up philosophy widely touted as one of the CCD's most innovative provisions. Most delegates agree that the approach is a key to CCD's success, but many also seem to be dissatisfied with the practical level of partnership achieved in the first efforts related to urgent action for Africa. Developing country delegates have expressed disappointment and concern over the response by donors. They feel that field offices of aid agencies do not seem clearly committed to the funding responsibilities supported by politicians during INCD sessions. Donors say they are willing to respond but have not yet received clear proposals to apply resources for interim activities. This problem may be rooted in the differing perceptions of the proper focus of donor support and the fact that some OECD countries have new administrations. Both groups agree that improved communication and understanding will be required to resolve the differences and meet the CCD's objectives.