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The Group met in informal session to consider draft decisions on the Global Mechanism (GM) and the location of a Permanent Secretariat. The Group then met briefly in formal session to adopt the decisions from the informal meeting.


Uganda, on behalf of the G-77 and China, summarized the draft decision (A/AC.241/WG.I(VII)/L.2), which invites institutions to transmit additional and complementary information. Areas of additional information include modalities of operations, the relationship between the COP and host institution, and financial mobilization and accountability according to the institution's governing bodies. It also mandates a review of the GM according to a Secretariat report.

In the preamble, Benin, Senegal and Guinea added a sentence noting the positive responses of IFAD and UNDP but disagreed on the wording of the amendment.

The US, the UK and Spain urged that the decision should also instruct the Interim Secretariat to collect delegations' views on modalities of the GM and compile them into a draft paper. They said the INCD should define the GM modalities so that potential host institutions could respond to clear requirements. Some delegates suggested that the references to the GM in the Convention provided adequate description for potential host institutions. Another suggestion was that the Interim Secretariat should compile references to the GM in the CCD and its annexes, and also write draft selection criteria, as part of a report.

UNDP said it needed indications from the Working Group on the role and functions of the GM. He hoped the selection would not be a bidding process but one of interagency partnership.

The Chair adjourned the morning session with a request that delegations submit their proposed amendments to the G-77 and China for possible incorporation into the decision.

In the afternoon, Uganda presented a revised draft decision that notes the responses by potential host organizations and welcomes the positive character of UNDP and IFAD's responses. It also requests: a compilation of articles relevant to the GM from the Interim Secretariat; a compilation of inputs from member States; and that the Secretariat should prepare a preliminary draft list of selection criteria for a host institution. The decision invites interested organizations to continue consulting with their governing bodies and plans a review of the GM selection for INCD-8.

Delegates adopted the revised draft decision.

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