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Modalities of review: Benin, supported by Sudan and the Congo, suggested including that review materials should be distributed six weeks before the session of the COP. Regarding paragraph 28, he suggested providing computers to needy countries. He further suggested that the INCD Chair should send a letter to the Chair of the Global Environment Facility to enquire whether the Permanent Secretariat could access funds for developing countries' compilation and communication of information. The Permanent Secretariat of the Convention could indicate the approximate figures. The UK doubted whether the Permanent Secretariat should assist developing countries to obtain funds from donors. This might be a role for the Global Mechanism.

Products of review: In paragraph 29, distribution of review materials, Benin amended the text to: "...transparency and the facility to the access of information." In paragraph 30, he suggested that the periodic report should be published every two years. The UK proposed "appropriately, at a two year period."

Evolution of review system: There were no amendments or comments on this section.

The Group then adopted a draft decision on Communication of information and review of implementation. It reads: "The INCD, invites its members to communicate to the Secretariat, by 15 October 1995, further views on procedures for communication of information and review of implementation. Requests the Secretariat to prepare, for the eighth session, a draft decision of the Conference of the Parties on this subject based on document A/AC.241/39, on comments and suggestions of its members in Working Group II at the seventh session."