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NGO MEETINGS: The Asian Regional Conference of the RIOD network will be held in Islamabad, Pakistan, in mid-January 1996. The National NGO meeting for Pakistan will be held in Karachi in mid-November. For specific dates and other information on these or other RIOD activities in Asia, please contact the RIOD regional focal point, Tanveer Arif, Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE), B-150, Block 13-D/2, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi-75300, Pakistan, Tel. 92-21-4965042 or 4976459, Fax 92-21-4964001.

The Latin American Regional Conference of RIOD will take place in November in Puno, Peru. For dates and other details on this meeting, contact the RIOD regional focal point for Latin America and the Caribbean, Juan Palao, CAME, Jr. Arequipa, No. 120 3rd, Piso "B", Puno, Peru, Tel. 054-355481, Fax 054-355482 or 352701.<O><F"Times"C1,5,0,545,100> codeff.mic.cl.<C255>

REGIONAL ACTIVITIES: The Maghreb Arab Union is planning to hold its meeting in Tunis, Tunisia in November 1995. The Southern Africa Development Community also plans to hold a meeting in from 16-18 January 1996. A Gulf Council (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates) and Lebanon, Syria and Yemen meeting is planned for October 1995. The meetings are aimed initiating the process towards the preparation of the subregional action programmes.

The African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) will be holding its next meeting on 30 October to 3 November 1995, in Harare, Zimbabwe. This will be preceded by an ADALCO meeting on 27-20 October 1995.

A Latin American environment ministers meeting is planned for September in Havana, Cuba, to examine implementation of the regional annex. Latin American countries are also planning a regional meeting 24-26 January 1996, either in Mexico or Argentina.

SECRETARIAT ACTIVITIES: The Secretariat will mainly focus on awareness raising in Africa. If funds are made available, subregional consultations will be undertaken in the Latin American and Asian regions. The Secretariat will continue translating the publication, Down to Earth, into the main languages spoken in the most affected countries.

FOURTH WORLD CONFERENCE ON WOMEN: A Bureau meeting of the INCD is expected to take place during the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing from 4-15 September 1995.

INCD-8: The next session of the INCD is tentatively scheduled for 5-16 February 1996 in Geneva. The final decision on the dates, length and venue of INCD-8 will be taken by the UN General Assembly when it meets in New York this autumn.

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