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The Vice-Chair Erwin Ortiz (Bolivia) asked regional groups to report on their consultations on the Global Mechanism (GM) as contained in document A/AC.241/45.

Costa Rica, on behalf of the G-77 and China, said the group is not in a position to submit a detailed paper defining its position. He suggested that delegates consider procedure rather than substance. He recommended that the subject be referred to INCD-9 for substantive debate.

Greece, on behalf of the OECD, said a subgroup under France could present its work. France said provisional conclusions of the OECD deliberations focus on defining GM functions. These should include information, analysis and advice, facilitating and coordination, and reporting on the GM's work. The GM should: compile a database of bilateral, multilateral and private sector finance; encourage co-financing and other mechanisms; advise NGOs or private entities on a desertification fund; and possibly advise on mechanisms for channeling resources. It is up to the GM to stimulate participation of new actors. The Vice Chair said a draft decision will be prepared for consideration Wednesday. The draft decision will note that the Group has considered the subject of the GM and request delegations to submit written presentations by 1 May on GM functions and possible criteria for the institution hosting the GM. It will request that the Interim Secretariat should submit to INCD-9 a compilation of views on the institutional host for the GM as well as a revised paper on the GM from the written submissions.

The Vice-Chair then proposed the consideration of financial rules but this could not be done to avoid a clash with the discussion of rules of procedure in Working Group II.