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AFRICAN REGIONAL ACTIVITIES: CILSS will hold a subregional meeting with intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations to coordinate CCD implementation on 23-24 February in Lom�, Togo. Contact Id� Bana or Issa Aboubacar, CILSS, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Tel: +359 317896, Fax +359 317896.

The IGADD, in collaboration with ECA and OSS, will hold a workshop on land tenure in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in March. Contact: Dr. A. Trux, 1 Rue Miollis, F-75015, Paris, France. Tel: +33 1 4568 2876, Fax: +33 1 4567 2686.

IGADD and the subregion's NGOs will hold a workshop on cooperation in the implementation of the Convention to Combat Desertification in June 1996, possibly in Uganda. Contact: Roselyn Amadi, PO Box 2653, Djibouti. Tel: +253 354050, Fax: +253 356284/353195.

ASIAN REGIONAL ACTIVITIES: A regional meeting is planned to be held on the Asian Annex in India before INCD-9. For information contact, at the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests, Director K. Sethuraman, Tel/Fax: +91 11 436 2746, or Joint Secretary Alok Jain, Tel: +91 11 436 0894, Fax: +91 11 436 0678.

A meeting inviting delegates from the Arab States and Asia is to be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, during the third week of May to discuss the Asian Annex and awareness raising. It is a joint project of the INCD Secretariat, UNEP, the Islamic Bank and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). For further information, contact G. de Kalbermatten at the INCD Secretariat, Tel: +41 22 979 9111, Fax: +41 22 979 9030, E-mail: secretariat.incd@unep.ch.

LATIN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN REGIONAL ACTIVITIES: The second regional meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean will be held in Mexico in June. For specific dates and other details, contact Lic. Diana Ponce Nava, Unidad de Cooperaci�n Internacional, Subsecretar�a de Recursos Naturales, Secretar�a de Medio Ambiente, Recursos Naturales y Pesca (SEMARNAP), Av. Progreso 5, Col del Carmen, Coyoacan, 04100 Mexico, D.F. Tel: +52 658-4853, Fax: +52 658-6059.

The Dominican Republic will host a subregional meeting on island ecosystems and desertification tentatively scheduled for 18-20 April at the Hotel Hamaca Boca Chica, Santo Domingo. For further information contact Hilton N. Cabral Burgos, Secretariado T�cnico de la Presidencia, Oficina Nacional de Planificaci�n, Oficinas Gubernamentales, Anexas al Palacio Presidencial, Bloque A-B, 2da Planta, Av. M�xico, Santo Domingo, R.D. Tel: +1 809 221-5140, ext. 214, Fax: +1 809 221-8627.

OECD ACTIVITIES: The OECD Group will meet at the end of June to prepare its positions for INCD-9. For information, contact Marilyn Yakowitz at OECD, 2 rue Andr� Pascal, F-75116, Paris, France. Tel: +33 1 4524 9058, Fax: +33 1 4524 9031.

WMO SEMINARS: The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) will conduct a seminar on Drought Preparedness and Management in Rabat, Morocco, in April 1996. Contact Dr. Yeves Ruiz of WMO for further information. WMO will also host a Workshop on Desertification and Drought from 23-28 May in Bet Daga, Israel. Contact N.G. Kov�, WMO, Tel: +41 22730-8274, Fax +41 22 734-2326 for additional information.

SECRETARIAT ACTIVITIES: The Chair plans to hold consultations with the Bureau and Secretariat during the month of July on the negotiations and, specifically, on the Global Mechanism.

NGO MEETINGS: SADC NGOs will hold a regional workshop on preparation of the subregional action programmes in Harare, Zimbabwe from 31 July to 2 August. Contact: Roben Penny, Environment Monitoring Group, Wyecroft Street, PO Box 123 Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa. Tel: +27 21 448 3900, Fax: +27 21 479 784, E-mail: envmongr@wn.apc.org.

The Sahelian NGOs Regional Forum will be held in Bamako, Mali. Contact: Falaye Doumbia, CCA-ONG, 330, Porte 119 Hippodrome, BP 1721, Bamako, Mali. Tel: +223 230414/222112. Fax: +223 222359.

West African NGOs/CBOs Subregional meeting will take place on 25-27 April 1996 in Lom�, Togo. Contact: Masse Lo, ENDA-TM, 55 rue Carnot, BP 3330, Dakar, Senegal. Tel: +221 225983/222496, Fax: +221 235157/222695, E-mail: masselo@endak.gn.apc.org.

INCD-9: The next session of the INCD is scheduled for 3-13 September in New York. However, since the Commission on Sustainable Development's Intergovernmental Panel on Forests has scheduled meetings during the same period, there may be a change in the dates.

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