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GLOBAL MECHANISM: The G-77 and China distributed a document during the morning containing recommendations for changes in the Global Mechanism (GM) text. The Group adjourned so that regional groups could consult on the new text, which was taken up during the afternoon.

France proposed that the introductory paragraph note that the GM, "in carrying out its mandate under Article 21, paragraphs 4 and 5, should perform the following functions subject to further guidance to be provided by the first COP on policies, operational modalities and activities." Several countries, including Senegal, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Lesotho, India, and Cuba, expressed concern with the proposal. France revised its proposal to call on the GM to function under the authority and guidance of the COP "on policies, operational modalities and activities" in order to adhere to Article 21, paragraph 7 of the CCD. Ghana stated that the change would restrict the GM from performing other functions under Articles 7 and 20. Germany proposed beginning the French proposal with "including," which was agreed.

In paragraph 2 (analyzing and advising on request) delegates agreed to amend 2(a) to promote the matching of available resources "including" assisting affected developing countries to find new and additional resources.

In 3 (facilitating cooperation and coordination), the G-77 and China proposed renaming the title "promoting cooperation and coordination," but the OECD countries’ proposal, derived from Article 21, paragraph 4 of the CCD, was accepted: "Promote actions leading to cooperation and coordination." The suggestion to delete "where appropriate" in 3(c) (encourage multiple source financing approaches) generated debate. The OECD countries were concerned that the deletion would mandate the GM to "coordinate" co-financing arrangements, becoming an intermediary body. No agreement was reached.

Following a series of suggestions from the G-77 and China and the OECD countries, 3(d) (civil society participation) and the G-77 and China-proposed 3(h) (awareness raising) were merged. The text calls for action to increase awareness on and promote participation in implementing the CCD by foundations, academic institutions, NGOs and other private sector entities, and to facilitate contacts with them to contribute to the mobilization of financial resources. The G-77 and China proposal for a new (3)(e)(v), calling for promotion of the full use and continued improvement of funding sources was added. In (3)(f) (information and advice on technology) delegates added the G-77 and China reference to "environmentally sound, economically viable and socially acceptable" technologies "relevant to combating desertification and/or mitigating the effects of drought." Text calling for the promotion of partnership building as it relates to the support of mobilization of financial resources was also added.

In 5 (reporting to the COP), 5(a) (nature of the reports to the COP) attracted debate regarding the need to refer to specific articles of the Convention. Delegates will negotiate informally.

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