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WORKING GROUP I: The Working Group will continue its discussions in Conference Room 1 on the Global Mechanism during the morning and will take up financial rules in the afternoon. Look for a document circulated by the G-77 and China containing new proposals for paragraph 5 of the GM text.

WORKING GROUP II: The Working Group is expected to meet during the morning and afternoon in Conference Room 2 to consider rules of procedure. Look for a Chair’s draft decision, which is expected to call for suggestions on the work programme for the CST during COP-1, and request the Secretariat to provide a compilation of these views, along with a report on similar work carried out in the UN system, at INCD-10.

MOBILIZING PARTNERS: Solidarit´┐Ż Canada Sahel and UNSO/UNDP will describe lessons learned from the first campaign on the CCD in Canada from 1:00 to 2:30 pm in Conference Room A.