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Executive Secretary Diallo reviewed the situation as regards extrabudgetary funds, as contained in documents A/AC.241/59 and Add.1. He outlined the various expenditures, including activities funded over the last biennium, and details of the developing countries funded to participate at INCD-9. He also provided a breakdown of donor country contributions since the INCD began and presented the Secretariat’s staffing situation. He said that although the financial report indicated the amounts up to 31 May (when the UN financial year end), the addendum outlines the funds that have been sent to the UN since then for use by the INCD.

Greece, on behalf of the OECD group of countries and supported by Germany and Australia, commended the quality of the Report. The OECD group of countries also requested the Secretariat to submit a work plan for each biennium and sought clarification on whether the fellowships and grants indicated in the trust funds are recurrent expenditures.

The Netherlands announced that it had committed itself to provide one million guilders, but it has doubled the figure and earmarked an additional one million guilders (US$660,000) to fund technical and institutional support to affected countries. INCD Chair Kjell�n noted that contributions to the voluntary fund have been difficult to raise, although the situation has improved.