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LAND DEGRADATION PROJECTS: The GEF STAP (Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel) will host a workshop on land degradation projects, in Dakar, Senegal, from 18-20 September 1996. Contact: Mr. Rokhaya Daba Fall, STAP/GEF, Hann Naristo, P.O. Box 6225, Dakar, Senegal; tel: +(221) 32 12 59; fax: +(221) 32 15 44.

EFFORTS TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT: Japan will organize a symposium, to take place in Tokyo on 17 October 1996, on desertification control measures. Contact: Mr. Shin Imai, Deputy Director, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; tel: +81-(0)3-3502-8111, ex. 3794; e-mail: <<DK15@ismtp.maff.go.jp>>.

IUCN WORKSHOP: An IUCN workshop on arid land and biosafety will be held in Montreal, Canada, 17-20 October 1996. Contact: Tim Lash, Director, Regional IUCN office; tel: +1 514 287-9704.

EBB SEMINARS: The European Environmental Bureau (EBB) is planning a number of seminars in Brussels under the title “Enhancing the EU implementation of the CCD.” The first will be held from 24-25 October 1996 and the second will be held in the first half of December 1996. Contact: EBB, 26, rue de la Victoire, B-1060 Bruxelles, Belgium; tel: +32-2-539.00.37; fax: +32-2-539.09.21; e-mail: <<ebb@<M>gn.ap.org>>.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MEDITERRANEAN DESERTIFICATION: The European Commission and National Agricultural Research Foundation will organize a conference on this issue, to be held in Crete, Greece, from 29 October to 1 November 1996. Contact: Dr. P. Balabanis or Mr. D. Peter, DG XII — Science, Research and Development, Environment and Climate Programme, 200 rue de la Loi, B-1049, Brussels, Belgium; fax: +32-2-29 63 024; e-mail: <<panagiotis.balabanis@dg12.cec.be>>.

SUSTAINABLE USE OF RANGELANDS: An international workshop on sustainable use of rangelands and desertification control will be held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, from 3-6 November 1996. Contact: Dr. Said Ahmad, Technical Division, IFAD, Via Del Serarico 107, Rome, Italy; fax: +(396) 519 1702.

GOVERNMENT FOCAL POINTS: A meeting for government focal points and NGOs will be held in Mauritania from 18-22 November 1996. Contacts: Ahme Salem ould Ahmed, Conseiller, Minist�re de l’Environnement et du D�veloppement Rural; or the INCD Secretariat; fax: +(41-22)979 90 30/1; e-mail: <<Secretariat.incd@unep.ch>>.

NGO MEETINGS: An Afro-Asian NGO forum on South-South and South- North cooperation for implementation of the Convention will be organized by RIOD- India and Youth for Action in Hyderabad, India, from 9-12 December 1996. Contact: Venkat Ramnayya; tel: +91-40-7632474; fax: +91-40-7632372; e-mail: <<yfa.ven@sm1.sprintrpg.sprint.com>>.

A Central Asian NGO meeting will be held in Kyrgyzstan in October 1996. Contact: Dr. Tatyana M. Bragina, Kazakhstan NGO “Naurzum;” tel: +(314-54) 91-0-36; e-mail: <<naurzum@glas.apc.org; or Oleg Tsaruk, Executive Director, International Central Asian Biodiversity Institute; tel: +7(3712)91-3935; e-mail: <<tashkent@glas.apc.org>>.

A regional NGO seminar on the implementation of the CCD will be hosted by l’Association pour un D�veloppement Durable (Association for Sustainable Development) in Mauritania, from 16-17 November 1996. Contact: Mohamed Abdallahi ould Tolba, President, B.P. 4848 Nouakchott, Mauritania. tel: +(2222)52623, 51325, 50440; fax: +(2222)57522.

INCD-10: The next session of the INCD is scheduled to take place from 6-16 January 1997 at UN Headquarters in New York. Contact: CCD Interim Secretariat; E- mail: <<Secretariat.incd@unep.ch>> or check out the INCD World Wide Web site at <<http://www.unep.ch/incd.html/>>.

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