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When the Commission reconvened on Friday morning, the delegates were given a new "non-paper" prepared by the Chair. Before discussing the paper, they listened to two statements by representatives from non-governmental organizations. Simone Bilderbeek, on behalf of the Netherlands National Committee for the IUCN, urged the CSD to have the courage to discuss issues which are politically "hot" and controversial, and expressed hope that there is commitment of all involved actors to effectively follow-up the CSD's recommendations. Jocelyn Dow of the Red Thread Women's Development Network in Guyana addressed the need for the CSD to address the women's agenda. She pointed out that no woman was nominated to the CSD Bureau and she expressed hope that the CSD will take the leadership in making the words in Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration a reality.

Razali urged all of the NGOs present not to let the members of the CSD forget their responsibilities and then moved on to address the three new draft decisions that he had distributed.