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: During UNCED, Main Committee Chair Tommy Koh chose Ambassador Razali as the issue coordinator for institutional matters. On 5 June Razali circulated a non-paper that addressed the role, functions and reporting structure of the CSD as well as the role of the General Assembly in determining the specific modalities of the Commission. The Chair's non-paper proposed language for two of the intergovernmental functions for the Commission that had left PrepCom IV in brackets: 1) the consideration of information provided for by governments; and 2) reporting on the progress in the implementation of international environmental conventions. In meetings of the contact group on institutions, a compromise was reached that called for the establishment of a high-level Commission on Sustainable Development that would be a functional commission of ECOSOC. The compromise text also recommended that the 47th session of the General Assembly take the decisions on the specific organizational modalities of the Commission, including the number of members and matters related to the frequency, venue and duration of meetings. Thus, the text was transmitted without brackets to the Main Committee for approval.