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: While no exact dates have been set, it is probable that there will be an NGO meeting in New York the week before the first substantive session of the CSD in June 1993. Funds have been made available for the participation of developing country NGOs at this session although the mechanisms for selection and disbursal have not been determined. Pursuant to the decision by ECOSOC on the participation and accreditation of NGOs in the CSD, those groups that were accredited to participate in the work of the PrepCom by the end of its fourth session can apply for roster status. As determined by ECOSOC in its decision 215, NGOs wishing roster status will have to have their application approved by the Council. Those NGOs that are interested in participating in the work of the CSD should contact the CSD Secretariat in New York for further information.

In a related matter, ECOSOC is conducting a review of the current arrangements for consultations with NGOs, particularly in light of the recent experiences gained during UNCED. The ECOSOC Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations has been requested to submit its proposals on such a review to the Council this year. The Committee will meet from 22 March to 2 April 1993 in New York to begin work on the reform of ECOSOC rules of procedures related to NGOs.