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Amb. Razali explained to delegates that the election of officers had taken place at the organizational session. Razali then introduced document E/CN.17/1993/4, "Adoption of the Agenda and Other Organizational Matters" and the Commission quickly adopted it. At the organizational session, it was agreed that each session would agree on the establishment of working groups, provided that no more than two meetings would ever take place at the same time. Subsequent consultations resulted in the agreement to establish two informal groups. Group I will address agenda items 2, 3 and 4 (multi-year programme of work, issues relating to the future work of the Commission and exchange of information regarding the implementation of Agenda 21 at the national level). Group II will cover agenda items 5, 6 and 7 (progress in the incorporation of recommendations of UNCED in the activities of international organizations; progress achieved in facilitating and promoting the transfer of environmentally sound technology, cooperation and capacity building; and initial financial commitments, financial flows and arrangements). There was no objection to the establishment of these groups.