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One topic of conversation in the corridors is intersessional activities related to the work of the CSD. Many feel that the Commission's influence and effectiveness will be extremely limited since it only meets up to the three weeks per year. Several problems are associated with intersessional meetings, including budgetary implications, mechanisms, membership and venue. The G-77 has historically opposed intersessional meetings, fearing that they may foster limited participation. Some observers have said this might be overcome if resources were made available for developing country attendance. Another issue is whether these meetings would be inter-governmental or if participation were to include experts, NGOs and agencies. One possibility is that Razali might name intersessional issue coordinators who would organize discussions around the upcoming cluster topics in cooperation with the CSD Secretariat. This idea builds on the suggestion in the Secretariat document on finance for the establishment of ad hoc groups to study the adequacy of financial flows for the upcoming clusters. Another idea is to hold roundtables, possibly organized by outside institutions, that would provide input to the Secretariat on the upcoming work programme.