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The afternoon session of Plenary considered the decisions transmitted by Negotiating Group I. France, supported by Benin and Tunisia, were concerned that the documents under consideration were not available in all languages. Razali accepted the proposal by Benin that the documents be adopted ad referendum with the provision that they may be reopened only on problems with the translation. The decision on a multi-year thematic programme of work for the Commission (E/CN.17/1993/L.4) was adopted, as amended by Negotiating Group I. The document on issues relating to the future work of the Commission (E/CN.17/1993/L.2/ Rev.3) was adopted without comment. In the decision on guidelines to the Secretariat for organizing information provided by governments (E/CN.17/1993/L.3/Rev.3), Morocco proposed that the words "in particular" be replaced by "including" in paragraph 7(m) that mentions "other relevant environment and development issues including those affecting youth, women and other major groups." L.3 was adopted without further discussion. Ghazi Jomaa expressed his heartfelt thanks to his colleagues for their cooperation and collaboration, saying that the participation of IGOs and NGOs was part of the new era and spirit of the CSD.