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The proposed programme of work through 1997 was presented in document E/CN.17/1993/5. In each year from 1994-1996, the following five cross-sectoral clusters of Agenda 21 will be reviewed:

In each year particular emphasis will be on different chapters of Agenda 21 within each of the cross-sectoral clusters. The sectoral clusters will be reviewed in three phases, as follows:

The 1997 session will have an overall review and appraisal of Agenda 21 in preparation for that year's special session of the General Assembly, as envisaged in resolution 47/190. The division of Agenda 21 into these clusters was discussed in great detail during the organizational session in February and the proposed multi-year thematic programme of work met with little opposition.

The final decision document, E/CN.17/1993/L.4, states that the Commission will ensure an integrated approach to environment and development, taking full account of the principles of the Rio Declaration and all other aspects of UNCED, paragraph 4 of General Assembly resolution 47/191, as well as of the cross-linkages between and among sectoral and cross-sectoral components of relevant chapters of Agenda 21. In carrying out its programme of work, the CSD will take into account the results of major intergovernmental events and negotiating processes, with a view to integrating these activities in the process of review of the implementation of Agenda 21. The CSD will also take into account time-frames with regard to specific targets identified in Agenda 21.

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