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said that within the CSD the execution of the multi-year thematic programme of work is crucial and the complexity of environment and development problems demands an integrated approach. The problem of financing sustainable development activities is the key to the success of Agenda 21 and Madagascar regrets the "wait and see" attitude of many developed countries. Madagascar welcomed the establishment of the two CSD ad hoc intersessional working groups on technology transfer and finance and counts on them to come up with action-oriented policy initiatives. Partnership is essential in implementing Agenda 21. Madagascar hopes that the spirit of political commitment shown at the first session of the CSD is preserved.

The only country to mention the issue of venue for the next session of the CSD was Belarus, who is flexible on this matter, but supported holding the second CSD in Geneva. Belarus also said that the CSD needs to better address the environmental problems of countries in transition. The CSD should also be the main body dealing with Agenda 21 implementation and duplication of efforts by UNEP and the CSD should be eliminated.