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said that at its next session, the CSD must review the issue of unsustainable patterns of consumption and lifestyles in developed countries and solicit concrete, quantitative and qualitative commitments from the developed countries. Specific policies must also be formulated for a conducive international economic environment, including access of developing country exports to the markets of the developed countries. The CSD's establishment of the two ad hoc working groups on technology transfer and finance is an important step forward in the implementation of the Rio commitments. The technology group must clearly identify the measures for the operationalization of the commitments regarding transfer of environmentally sound technology. The finance group must identify the exact figure required for the implementation of each programme area in Agenda 21 as well as mechanisms for financing them.

The Czech Republic recognized the difficulty in assessing performance and progress towards sustainable development due to the lack of adequate indicators. These would provide a reliable and unambiguous measurement of progress towards sustainability. These indicators should be developed to meet the needs of all constituencies. NGOs not only have the right to information, but the provision of adequate information to them is a prerequisite to any real progress toward sustainability.