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Since the CSD is a subsidiary body of ECOSOC, the Second Committee of the General Assembly was not required to adopt any resolutions related to the Commission. The Fifth Committee, which addresses budgetary matters, did review the budgetary implications of the CSD ad hoc intersessional working groups on finance and technology transfer. The Second Committee, however, did adopt several other resolutions related to the CSD and UNCED follow-up.

The first of these resolutions is titled, "Dissemination of the principles of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development" (A/C.2/48/L.46). This resolution urges all Governments to promote widespread dissemination of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development at the public and private levels. The resolution also requests the Secretary-General to ensure that the Declaration is widely disseminated by the competent organs and bodies of the UN system and its principles are incorporated in their programmes and processes.

The second resolution is called "Strengthening international cooperation in the monitoring of global environmental problems" (A/C.2/48/L.80). This resolution invites governments and relevant organizations of the UN system and other relevant entities to review their contribution to international cooperation in environmental monitoring, including environmentally related remote sensing and data assessment, and provide appropriate support for such activities within existing resources. The resolution also requests the Executive Director of UNEP to prepare and submit to the UNEP Governing Council at its 18th session, a report on UNEP's activities in environmental monitoring, containing proposals and recommendations within the context of Agenda 21 and a review of Earthwatch. Finally, the resolution invites the Governing Council of UNEP to consider the above-mentioned report at its 18th session and submit its conclusions and recommendations to the General Assembly at its 50th session, through the Economic and Social Council.

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