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T”pfer then read out his summary of the High-Level Segment, where he noted the points raised by the ministers:

A number of delegates reacted to the Chair's summary. Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru thought that the summary paragraph on forests did not reflect the fact that the CSD should be the central body for the discussion of all aspects of implementing Agenda 21 on this issue. Barbados, Algeria, on behalf of the G-77, and Australia thought that insufficient reference was made to the Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States. Others, including India, Greece on behalf of the EU, Malaysia, the US and Norway, supported the Chair's summary. T”pfer responded that additional language will be added on the small islands conference. With regard to the concerns expressed by the Parties to the Amazon Treaty, T”pfer maintained that his text was balanced. With that comment, the summary was adopted.

The final item on the agenda was the adoption of the report of the Commission on its second session. T”pfer closed the meeting by thanking all delegates and NGOs for their work and invited everyone to do their utmost at the national level to prove that the Spirit of Rio is alive.

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