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CSD Chair Klaus T”pfer convened two days of open-ended informal consultations on the issues contained in the work programme of the CSD for 1995. During the course of the consultations, which were held in New York from 22-23 November 1994, representatives from governments, UN agencies and NGOs reported on intersessional meetings or activities that they have undertaken in preparation for the third session of the CSD. T”pfer"s consultations were convened as a result of a G-77 initiative to foster greater transparency during the intersessional period.

T”pfer opened the session by informing delegates that the third session of the CSD will meet from 11-28 April 1995 in New York. The session will open with a presentation of the work of the ad hoc open-ended working groups on finance and sectoral issues. On 12-13 April, there will be panel discussions on the issues considered by the working groups. The CSD will then have two days for the sharing of national experiences. Two members of each regional group will be asked to present their experiences so that there will be a total of ten presentations and an open discussion. There will also be one day for sharing experiences on implementing Agenda 21 at the local level. Three drafting groups will then be established to address the cross sectoral and sectoral issues under consideration. During the High-Level Segment, the Bureau will do its best to ensure productive dialogue. It is also hoped that finance and other development ministers will participate in the High-Level Segment.

The following is a summary of the briefings on intersessional activies related to the sectoral and cross-sectoral issues to be considered by the CSD in 1995. The cross-sectoral issues will be outlined first, to be followed by the sectoral issues, according to the order in which they appear in Agenda 21.

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