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HIGH-LEVEL ADVISORY SEMINAR ON CLEANER PRODUCTION: This seminar, which was co-sponsored by the Polish Government and UNEP, was held in Warsaw from 12-14 October 1994. This was the third in a series of seminars on cleaner production since 1989 to address the need to reduce industrial pollution and waste. More than 160 participants from 40 countries, including government officials, NGOs, UN organizations and development banks, attended. The seminar reviewed and evaluated progress towards cleaner production over the past two years and recommended the future orientation for the UNEP Cleaner Production Programme. Cleaner production, in general, puts the focus on minimizing pollution and waste during the production process itself, rather than cleaning it up after it is generated. The seminar addressed policy initiatives to promote cleaner production, changes in the industry, and financing cleaner production. The participants also discussed challenges such as lack of proper institutional mechanisms and stabilization of programmes. Participants called for high-level support for cleaner production, regulation, enforcement and use of financial instruments.

WORKSHOP ON THE PROMOTION OF ACCESS TO AND DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION ON ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND TECHNOLOGIES: This workshop was held in Seoul from 30 November - 2 December 1994. The workshop was devoted to creating practical plans of action that will enhance access to and dissemination of information on environmentally sound technologies (ESTs). Participants reviewed the latest ESTs information systems, including inventory, database and networking experiences, and identified some of the obstacles and opportunities involved in ESTs information access and dissemination through the experiences of the users and suppliers. The report of this meeting and recommendations for action will be presented to the CSD at its third session.

OECD WORKSHOP ON DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE AND TECHNOLOGY COOPERATION FOR CLEANER INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: The OECD, in cooperation with UNEP and UNIDO, brought together 90 experts from developed and developing countries from 28-30 September 1994 in Hannover, Germany, to address cleaner industrial production in developing countries. Five priority issues were considered: (1) setting the right policy framework, including increased coordination among donors; (2) putting increased emphasis on capacity development; (3) increasing access to information, especially on cleaner technology options; (4) enhancing private sector action by aid agencies and recipient countries, including joint ventures and feasibility studies; and (5) improving the finance for cleaner production.

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