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Brazil reported that since 1990 it has been carrying out the National Ecological and Economic Zoning Programme, which addresses land use based on different social, cultural and economic needs. Brazil needs international cooperation to strengthen institutions at different levels, financial resources, and integration of development plans. UN agencies, such as UNDP, and the Bretton Woods organizations could play a significant role in promoting capacity building for the management of land resources in developing countries. International cooperation for the planning and management of land resources could include: specific financial arrangements to support national plans; reporting to CSD on a voluntary basis on national experiences in this field; promotion of experience sharing meetings; identification of work being done by UN agencies; development of criteria and indicators for the land resources; and development of options for sustainable use of land resources that could be transferred to developing countries. Brazil intends to host an international workshop on land use with emphasis on methodology and exchange of views on criteria for ecological and economic zoning to be held in early 1995.

Israel reported on the upcoming symposium on sustainable water management, which it will co-host with Japan. The FAO and the Netherlands announced the workshop they will co-host on integrated applications of tools and instruments for planning and management of rural areas (see Things To Look For).