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The drafting group met in the afternoon to conduct its second reading of the draft decisions.

SCIENCE: In paragraph 8 (indigenous knowledge), the US noted that in accordance with Agenda 21, the term indigenous people (rather than peoples) should be used. The US, Poland and the EU deleted sub-paragraph 10(3) (financial resources), because it duplicated paragraph 13 (financial support for scientific capacity-building activities). The G-77/China objected. If the paragraph is retained, the EU and the US suggested 'adequate funding' instead of 'additional funding.' The reference to 'additional' funding in paragraph 13 was bracketed.

INFORMATION FOR DECISION-MAKING: In paragraph 4 (international cooperation), the US added reference to the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment programme (GLOBE). In paragraph 6 bis (indicators), the G-77/China added a reference to the need for studies on indicators to be conducted in accordance with national conditions.

INFORMATION PROVIDED BY GOVERNMENTS AND ORGANIZATIONS: The EU proposed paragraph 1 bis, noting interest in the presentations on national experiences, and 4 bis, requesting the Secretariat to prepare guidelines for the 1997 reports.

INTEGRATING ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT IN DECISION- MAKING: The G-77/China, the EU and the US preferred the first version of paragraph 2 (IACSD), which highlights the scope of assistance needed to implement national strategies. There was a lengthy discussion about the Belarus proposal to host a conference on sustainable development in countries with economies in transition in paragraph 2 bis. The Chair suggested that the proposal be considered by the High-Level Segment. The US objected to the convening of any more UN conferences on sustainable development. Bulgaria requested that paragraph 2 bis reflect that it will be hosting the third Ministerial Conference on the Environment in Sofia in 1995.

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