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Drafting Group B completed its work Tuesday afternoon. The texts on Integrating Environment and Development in Decision-Making, Information for Decision Making, Information Provided by Governments and Organizations, and Major Groups are bracket-free.

MAJOR GROUPS: In paragraph 2 (role of major groups), the G- 77/China proposed that events for major groups could be organized 'on the margins,' rather than 'at the beginning' of the 1996 session. In paragraph 3 (representatives of major groups on national delegations), a reference to national coordinating mechanisms was unbracketed. Brackets were removed from 'national coordinating mechanisms' in the chapeau of paragraph 4 (partnerships to implement Agenda 21) and from sub-paragraph 4(b) (representation in national coordinating mechanisms).

Sub-paragraphs 5(b) bis (study on NGO access procedures) and 5(c) (selection criteria) were deleted. In paragraph 6 (funding to increase major group participation), the EU and US agreed to use 'increased' funding rather than "adequate" funding in this context. Canada proposed combining paragraphs 7 bis (opportunity for NGOs to participate in the CSD) and 7 ter (NGO participation in the CSD). This was accepted and the text is now clean.

SCIENCE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Brackets remain on references to funding in paragraphs 10(3) and 13, pending the outcome of the text on financial resources.

TRANSFER OF ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND TECHNOLOGY, COOPERATION AND CAPACITY- BUILDING: In paragraphs 5 (international cooperation) and 7 bis (private sector), delegates agreed to use Agenda 21 language to describe the role that commercial transactions and the private sector play 'as an important vehicle' in technology cooperation. Delegates agreed to delete sub-paragraph 9.A(2) that calls on UNDP, UNIDO, UNCTAD and other bodies to cooperate with UNEP on its EST survey work.

In sub-paragraph 10(3) bis (joint ventures), Poland suggested a reference to countries with economies in transition. In paragraph 11 no agreement was reached on whether steps should encourage 'new and additional financial resources' (G-77/China) or 'the flow of financial resources from all sources' (the EU). The discussions were deferred pending the outcome of the finance drafting group. In sub-paragraph (5) (enabling conditions), delegates agreed to a reformulation inviting governments to create enabling conditions in order to increase the amount of foreign direct investment in ESTs.

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