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The Chairs of the three drafting groups reported on their work and some of the draft decisions were adopted ad referendum.

The Chair of Drafting Group B, Takao Shibata gave his report.

Decisions on Major Groups, Information for Decision-Making, Integrating Environment and Development in Decision-Making, and Information Provided by Governments and Organizations were adopted. Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology, Cooperation and Capacity Building: In paragraph 12 (finance), references to new and additional financial resources and to the flow of financial resources from all sources remain bracketed. Science for Sustainable Development: Sub-paragraph 10(3) (finance) remains unresolved.

The Chair of Drafting Group A, Magn�s J�hannesson, then reported on the work of his group. The decision on Demographic Dynamics and Sustainability was adopted without amendment. Combating Poverty: In paragraph 4 (integrated approach), Indonesia questioned the reference to 'women, as the majority of people living in poverty.' After some discussion, the formulation 'women, as the majority of people living in abject poverty, and who bear a disproportionate burden of poverty' was accepted. The text was adopted as amended. Financial Resources and Mechanisms: It was agreed to move paragraph 22 (indigenous and farmers' rights) to the decision on biodiversity. In paragraph 26 (financing of biotechnology), brackets were removed and a reference to consultations among governments was added. The text was adopted as amended. Changing Production and Consumption Patterns: In paragraph 7 (role of governments), the second bracketed option was accepted and a reference to the exchange of information and experiences was added. In paragraph 16 (work programmes), brackets remain around a reference to expert meetings. Trade, Environment and Sustainable Development: In paragraph 6 (multilateral environmental agreements), all bracketed text was deleted. Bracketed references to the OECD in paragraphs 16 (international organizations) and 17 (eco-labeling and recycling) were deleted. Paragraph 20 bis, which refers to the OECD, was added. In paragraph 21, brackets were removed and references to exchange of experience and making trade and environment mutually supportive were added. By mid-day, brackets still remained around a reference to sustainable development in paragraph 3 (Uruguay Round).

In his report on Drafting Group C, Henry Aryamanya-Mugisha noted that the text on forests contains many bracketed paragraphs and negotiations were still on-going. The text on Combating Desertification was adopted. Overall Considerations: In paragraph 3 (national efforts), the EU specified Chapter 33 of Agenda 21 in a call for implementation of financial decisions. Integrated Approach to Land Resources: Brackets in paragraph 10 (time-frame) and paragraph 13(e) (ESTs) were removed. Brackets in paragraph 13(c) (cities and rural areas) remain. Sustainable Mountain Development: In paragraph 38 (marginalization), brackets remain around [protection] of indigenous people's interests.

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