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INTERGOVERNMENTAL PANEL ON FORESTS: The second session of the IPF will meet from 11-22 March 1996 in Geneva. Substantive focus will be on Cluster I (items I.2 — causes of deforestation, I.4 — afforestation, reforestation and restoration, and I.5 — needs and requirements of countries with low forest cover); Cluster II — international cooperation in financial assistance and technology transfer; and Cluster III (item III.1 — assessment, scientific knowledge and valuation). There will also be an initial discussion on the rest of the work programme elements. For more information, contact Elizabeth Barsk-Rundquist, tel: +1-212-963-3263; fax: +1-212-963-1795; e-mail: barsk-rundquist@un.org.

ARCTIC COUNCIL MEETING: A meeting of the ministers of the Arctic Council to discuss the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy will take place in Canada in March 1996. The meeting will be attended by Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, the US and Russia. For more information, call the Canadian Mission to the UN at +1-212-751-5600.

INTERNATIONAL CORAL REEF INITIATIVE: An Asian-regional meeting on the International Coral Reef Initiative will be co-hosted by the Japanese Environmental Agency and UNEP. It is tentatively scheduled to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia, the week of 18-22 March 1996.

ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT SYSTEMS: Canada will host, under the auspices of OECD, a meeting regarding environmentally sustainable transport systems from 24-27 March 1996, in Vancouver, Canada. For more information, contact Julie Charboneau, +1-819-994-2493.

WESTERN HEMISPHERE OIL AND GAS ENVIRONMENTAL FORUM: The Western Hemisphere Oil and Gas Environmental Forum will meet from 17-19 April 1996 in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting will be hosted by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations, and will feature presentations by several EU countries on environmental practices. For more information, contact the Brazilian Mission to the UN at +1-212-889-2277.

CONFERENCE ON INTEGRATING ECONOMIC AND ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING IN ISLANDS AND SMALL STATES: This Conference, which is organized by the Foundation for International Studies at the University of Malta, will be held in Malta from 14-16 March 1996. For further information, contact Prof. Lino Briguglio, Foundation for International Studies, University of Malta, tel: +356-248218, fax: +356-230551, e-mail: lbrig@unimt.mt.

FAO TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS FOR SMALL ISLAND DEVELOPING STATES: The FAO will conduct two workshops with relevance to SIDS follow-up. The first is a Workshop for the South Pacific Islands, on 26-29 March 1996, in Apia, Western Samoa. The second is a Workshop for the Caribbean, in April 1996, in Barbados. One of the agenda items of both workshops is linkages of tourism with agriculture, forestry and fisheries. For further information on these workshops, contact Mr. L. S. Botero, FAO, tel: +39-6-5225-2251, fax: +39-6-5225-3369.

FOURTH SESSION OF THE CSD: The fourth session of the CSD is scheduled to meet from 18 April - 3 May 1996 at UN Headquarters in New York. The proposed schedule is to open the session with a presentation of the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Forests, to be followed by a discussion on cross-sectoral issues not dealt with by the ad hoc working groups (technology transfer, education, capacity building, trade, poverty, population, decision-making, major groups and national reporting). During the week of 22-26 April, the CSD will begin with a presentation of the report of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Finance and Consumption and Production Patterns, followed by a panel and discussion. On Tuesday, there will be a presentation on the work of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Sectoral Issues, followed by a panel and discussion. During the rest of the week, the CSD will examine implementation of the SIDS Programme of Action and exchanges of national experiences on coastal zone management and sustainable development strategies. The drafting groups will begin their work on Thursday and conclude the following Tuesday. The High-Level Segment will take place from Wednesday through Friday, 1-3 May. For more information, contact Andrey Vasilyev, Division for Sustainable Development, tel:+1-212-963-5949, fax: +1-212-963-4260, e-mail: vasilyev@un.org.

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