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Drafting Group II (financial issues) reconvened in the afternoon. In the first revision of the draft decision on combating poverty (Chapter 2), the US asked to retain references to “sustainably” and “substantially” (proposed by the G-77/CHINA) reducing overall poverty. The EU amended a reference to conform with a CSD description of economic growth as a fundamental element of sustainable development. The draft decision was agreed.

The first revision of the draft decision on demographic dynamics and sustainability (Chapter 5) was agreed without further amendment.

In the first revision of the draft decision on trade, environment and sustainable development (Chapter 2), the G-77/CHINA deleted a sub-paragraph recognizing the role of trade in achieving the objectives of MEAs and a reference to measures ensuring the mutual supportiveness of trade and environment policies. New G-77/CHINA amendments call on UN bodies to enhance coordination on trade and environment policies, include capacity building among positive measures, and add the WTO to the list of International Financial Institutions invited to examine the effects of trade measures in MEAs. The EUROPEAN COMMUNITY preferred to amend the sub-paragraph on trade measures and MEAs. SWITZERLAND suggested that a NORWEGIAN proposal could serve as a compromise text, stressing the need for flexibility in the use of environmental policy tools, and the possibility for trade measures to achieve legitimate environmental objectives while safeguarding an open, non-discriminatory and equitable trading system.

The EUROPEAN COMMUNITY also wanted to keep language calling on governments and the WTO to examine the mutual supportiveness of trade and environmental policies. He added a reference to Principle 11 of the Rio Declaration. The US cautioned against the CSD providing substantive guidance to the WTO on work already under way. He agreed with a proposal by SAUDI ARABIA to delete a sub-paragraph stressing that positive measures are preferable to trade restriction to secure compliance with MEAs. AUSTRALIA supported continued inter-agency cooperation on trade and the environment, and added a reference to the OECD. Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the decision were agreed.

Informal-informals were to examine outstanding issues on trade (Revision 2) and the preliminary draft decision submitted by the Chair on changing production and consumption (Chapter 4).

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