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CSD PROGRAMME OF WORK: Several delegates offered initial comments on the proposed CSD programme of work. Many expressed general agreement with the Secretariat’s draft, which lists sectoral, cross-sectoral and economic themes to be considered during the next five years. Among delegates’ comments were calls for: a focused work programme and linkages between the issues considered each year; consideration of freshwater and oceans and seas issues; focusing oceans and seas consideration, for example on pollution control issues; and a mechanism for follow-up on financial and technology transfer issues.

INSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS: Delegates considered text on greater coherence in intergovernmental organizations and processes, the role of relevant UN organizations and institutions and the future role of the CSD. Proposed amendments included: how and if to reference the ongoing UN reform process; enhancing the role of regional organizations; co-location of Rio Convention Secretariats; CSD promotion of increased regional implementation; strengthening the role of resident coordinators; predictable and secure funding for UNEP; FCCC and CBD COP designation of the GEF as the permanent financial mechanism; CSD attention to effects of globalization on environment; and CSD attention to areas that do not attract attention in other fora.

FORESTS: A new draft text containing three preambular paragraphs and eight operational subparagraphs was circulated and used as a basis for discussion. Proposed amendments to the preamble were: making the text consistent with language from the Forest Principles; noting the economic and social functions of forests; and a restructuring of the text on continuing the international policy dialogue. One delegate suggested that national forest programmes be in accordance with national sovereignty, specific country conditions and national legislation. Delegates proposed amendments to a subparagraph on clarifying issues related to international trade in forest products, including: stressing the mutually supportive role of trade and environment; emphasizing trade-related measures and the potential role of enhanced trade in promoting SFM; and specifying issues arising out of the IPF. Pending the G-77/CHINA's consideration of the new draft, consultations are expected to continue Friday.

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