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Delegates finished reading their amendments to the text on international institutional arrangements. A new proposal on the role of major groups, including a call for an Advisory Board on the Promotion and Implementation of Sustainable Development composed of major group representatives, generated some debate. Additional amendments to the text on CSD methods of work included: “making concerted efforts to” attract ministers from economic “and social” sectors; Bureau consultations to improve the organization of high-level segments; continued work concerning national reports; review of national efforts to incorporate UN conference recommendations; continued interaction with representatives of major groups, including the business community; focusing the work of the ad hoc intersessional working groups; limiting CSD sessions to two weeks; review of the need for the High-level Advisory Board on Sustainable Development or more direct interaction with it; encouragement of government-hosted and -funded expert meetings; and consideration of incorporating the functions of the Committee on New and Renewable Sources of Energy and on Energy for Development and the Committee on Natural Resources as a part of the CSD’s work. A redraft of the section is expected and the group will meet again Monday afternoon.