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PROGRAMME OF WORK: Delegates proposed alternative scenarios and additional sectoral, cross-sectoral and economic sectors for CSD consideration, including: land management, including urbanization; poverty eradication; international cooperation for an enabling environment; sanitation; fisheries; indigenous peoples; trade and investment; and forestry. One delegation preferred not to highlight a specific cross- sectoral issue each year. Another preferred to delete the economic sector category.

INSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS: Delegates agreed on approximately ten sections of text. Issues discussed in the agreed text included: reference to the UN reform process; co-location of secretariats; a UNEP role in linking conventions; UN regional commission review of national reports; and the modalities for the next review of Agenda 21. Outstanding issues include: the appropriate location of references to the IDA and GEF; designation of the GEF as the “permanent” funding entity; focusing the CSD agenda; and participation of NGOs in trade and sustainable development issues. The group did not finish reviewing the 22 April draft and may meet Wednesday afternoon.

FORESTS: Delegates reached some consensus on the revised draft. In the introductory paragraph, text on forests as “one of the major” reservoirs of biodiversity was agreed but a reference to forests’ function in the climatic balance remains bracketed. The other preambular paragraphs were agreed, with additions stating that the “intergovernmental” dialogue be “integrated” and continue to be “an open, transparent and participatory process.” Subparagraphs were agreed on: national forest programmes; enhanced international cooperation; the Interagency Task Force; and incorporation of the IPF’s action proposals into international institutions’ work programmes. Subparagraphs on implementation of the action proposals, clarification of IPF trade and environment issues, forests as a source of renewable energy for local communities in LDCs, and institutional follow-up remain pending.