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Delegates negotiated the draft outcome of UNGASS in two Drafting Groups and numerous informal groups. The Co-Chairs of the Ad Hoc Intersessional Working Group, Derek Osborn (UK) and Amb. Celso Amorim (Brazil), chaired Drafting Groups I and II, respectively. Drafting Group I considered text on “Sectors and Issues” and “Assessment of Progress Reached After Rio.” Drafting Group II considered text on “Integration of Economic, Social and Environmental Objectives” and “Means of Implementation.” After the first reading of the text developed by the Co-Chairs of the Intersessional Working Group, a compilation text containing all amendments was issued, which formed the basis of negotiations for the second reading.

Vice-Chair Monika Linn-Locher conducted informal consultations on the statement of commitment/declaration, drafts of which were informally circulated during the final week of negotiations. On the basis of input to the draft, Chair Tolba and Vice-Chair Linn- Locher presented a “proposed draft political statement” on 24 April, which was added to the report of CSD-5 as a Chair’s draft. Informal groups on forests, institutional arrangements and the CSD programme of work, chaired by Vice-Chairs Bagher Asadi (Iran), John Ashe (Antigua and Barbuda) and Czeslaw Wieckowski (Poland), respectively, met regularly during the final week of negotiations and contributed text on those issues to the draft final document that CSD-5 delegates adopted during the closing Plenary. The following discussion elaborates on the positions taken at CSD-5 and summarizes the agreed text and bracketed issues that delegates will revisit in the Committee of the Whole during UNGASS.