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FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE: The next sessions of the subsidiary bodies are scheduled to take place in Bonn from 28 July to 7 August 1997 at the Hotel Maritim. SBSTA, SBI and AG13 will meet from 28-30 July and will likely meet once more the following week. The AGBM will begin on Thursday, 31 July. The subsidiary bodies are scheduled to meet again from 20-31 October 1997 at a conference facility in Bonn to be determined. At present, all subsidiary bodies except for AG13 are scheduled to meet in October. The third Conference of the Parties is scheduled for 1-12 December 1997 in Kyoto, Japan. COP-3 will immediately allocate the completion of decisions of the Berlin Mandate process to a sessional Committee of the Whole, open to all delegations. The political negotiations will be finalized in a ministerial segment, which will be convened from 8-10 December and where the final text of a protocol or other legal instrument will be adopted. For all meetings related to the FCCC, contact the secretariat in Bonn, Germany; tel: +49-228-815-1000; fax: +49-228-815- 1999; e-mail: secretariat@unfccc.de. Also try the FCCC home page at http://www.unfccc.de and UNEP’s Information Unit for Conventions at http://www.unep.ch/iuc.html.

INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM OF MAYORS GOVERNANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH AND EQUITY: This colloquium will be held from 28- 30 July 1997 in New York and will be hosted by UNDP, the Ministerial/Senior Officials Forum, Forum for Parliamentarians and Civil Society Organization Dialogue. The colloquium is a follow-up activity of Habitat II. For more information contact Jonas Rabinovich, UNDP; tel: +1-212-906-6791; fax: +1-212-906-6973.

CONVENTION TO COMBAT DESERTIFICATION: <M>The resumed session of INCD-10 is scheduled from 18-22 August 1997 in Geneva. COP-1 is currently scheduled for 29 September -1 October 1997 in Rome. For more information, contact the CCD Secretariat; Geneva Executive Center, 11/13 Chemin des Anemones, CH-1219 Chatelaine, Geneva, Switzerland; tel: +41 (22) 979-9419; fax: +41 (22) 979-9030/31; e- mail: secretariat@unccd.ch. Also see the INCD World Wide Web site at http://www.unep.ch/incd.html.

FOURTH EUROPEAN ROUNDTABLE ON CLEANER PRODUCTION: The Fourth European Roundtable on Cleaner Production (ERCP 97) will take place in Oslo, Norway, from 1-3 November 1997. The meeting intends to contribute to the critical evaluation and dissemination of cleaner production options and programmes and to highlight the mechanisms aimed at accomplishing the shift from supply driven to demand driven cleaner production. For information contact: Jostein Myrberg, National Institute of TechnologyAkersveien, 24 CP.O. Box 2608, St. Hanshaugen, N-0131 Oslo; tel: +47 22 86 51 07; fax: +47 22 11 12 03; e-mail: myrj@teknologisk.no. Also try the Conference web site at http://www.teknologisk.no/ercp97.

SECOND ECO-BALTIC CONFERENCE: The Second Eco-Baltic Conference on Environmental Management for the Baltic Sea Region will be held from 9-11 October 1997 in Gdansk, Poland. The conference aim at providing business and industry in the Baltic Sea region with the environmental management instruments they need to improve their performance and their competitiveness in European markets. For information contact the Eco-Baltic Secretariat, Osterstrasse 58, D-20259, Hamburg, Germany; tel: +49-404907-404; fax: +49-40-4907-401; e-mail: eco-baltic@on-line.de.

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