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Delegates discussed the draft Political Statement in morning, afternoon and night sessions. On 12 (financial resources), the G-77/CHINA proposed, inter alia: a preamble reaffirming Rio commitments regarding the means of implementation; deleting a reference to mobilizing domestic resources; and deleting a reference recognizing public sector responsibilities. The EU, the US, UKRAINE, CANADA, RUSSIA and BELARUS opposed deleting the reference to mobilizing domestic resources. A number of countries preferred retaining the reference to public sector responsibility. UKRAINE, BELARUS and RUSSIA supported references to countries with economies in transition. The US opposed the preamble, and with AUSTRALIA, suggested deleting a reference to the ODA target of 0.7% of GNP. NORWAY called for strong language on the need to reverse declining ODA.

On 13 (ESTs), delegates agreed to text noting, inter alia: the availability of, access to and transfer of ESTs to developing countries; specific references from 78 (ESTs); and references to “all” rather than developing countries. In 15 (CSD focus for the next five years), the G-77/CHINA opposed the listing of issues and proposed a general reaffirmation of commitment to comprehensive implementation of Agenda 21. The EU said the listing of sectoral themes provided balance for the text. The Chair suggested listing agreed actions and indicating funding sources. The US and SAUDI ARABIA supported the G-77/CHINA’s reformulation. The G-77/CHINA also opposed the listing of agreed and ongoing negotiation processes in 16 (UNCED agreements).

In 19 (CSD role), the G-77/CHINA proposed specifying which major groups would participate. The Secretariat believed the text referred to more than NGOs participating in CSD sessions. In 20 (UNEP role), the G-77/CHINA objected to the EU-proposed invitation to the Secretary-General to explore ways and means to improve the coordination among and effectiveness of the UN institutions concerned with the environment. CHINA and CUBA opposed the EU-proposed 25 (Secretary- General invited to present strategies for long-term sustainability). RUSSIA and NORWAY supported it. PERU, supported by ISRAEL, suggested that such strategies be developed “in consultation with member States.” Paragraph 26 (pledging to continue working together) was adopted, with an additional sentence linking the political statement to the programme for implementation of Agenda 21. Discussion on outstanding paragraphs continued through the night.

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