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The expert group meetings were organized by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Development of the United Nations Secretariat in consultation with UNFPA. Each expert group included 15 experts, representatives of relevant UN bodies and selected intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations. The first expert group meeting on population, environment and development was held in New York from 20-24 January 1992. The second, on population policies and programmes, was hosted by the Government of Egypt in Cairo from 12-16 April 1992. The third, on population and women, was hosted by the Government of Botswana, in Gaborone from 22-26 June 1992. The fourth, on family planning, health and family well-being, hosted by the Government of India, took place in Bangalore from 26-29 October 1992. The fifth, on population growth and demographic structure, hosted by the Government of France, took place in Paris from 16-20 November 1992. The sixth, on population distribution and migration, hosted by the Government of Bolivia, took place in Santa Cruz from 18-23 January 1993. A report of each of the expert group meetings can be found in documents E/CONF.84/PC/4, PC/5, PC/6, PC/7, PC/8, and PC/9. These meetings are also summarized in document E/CONF.84/PC/12, "Synthesis of Expert Group Meetings".

Certain themes and issues were common to most of the Expert Group Meetings and were discussed from widely different perspectives. The commonalities included: the importance of linkages between population, sustained economic growth and sustainable development; the importance of past experience; relevance of the human rights dimension and the status of women; the importance of the family as a cornerstone of society; importance of accessibility of health services to promote social equality and accelerate development efforts; the special needs of sub-populations; AIDS; the role of governments and NGOs; research and data collection; and international cooperation.

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