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Three trust funds have been established for the ICPD. The UN General Trust Fund for the ICPD preparatory activities has received a total of US$1,179.173. Contributions have been received from Denmark (US$108,210), France (US$33,963), India (US$37,000), the Netherlands (US$250,000), Sweden (US$250,000 and the United States (US$500,000). The second fund, the Voluntary Fund for Supporting Developing Countries' Participation in the ICPD, has received a total of US$101,585. Contributions have been made by Finland (US$96,585) and Spain (US$5,000). Pledges have been made by Sweden (US$250,000), France (US$90,909) and Austria (US$25,000). The third fund is the UNFPA Trust Fund for the ICPD for national-level activities. This fund has received a total of US$875,516, including contributions from Belgium (US$89,525), Canada (US$396,825), Finland (US$235,320), and Norway (US$153,846) and a pledge from Sweden (US$250,000). Both Canada and Finland have also provided officers to work in the ICPD Secretariat.